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Pain is one of the primary and most common signs of sickness. It is felt in all forms and degrees of intensity. The only readily available diagnostic tool for understanding it is a patient's description of his suffering, which can be sharp, throbbing dull, persistent, numbing, debilitating, etc. The primary cause of impairment for a substantial portion of the global population continues to be pain.

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Pain Management

An aberrant state of a physical component is called pain, and it can be uncomfortable or even completely incapacitating. For months or years, chronic pain stays active in the neural system. Backaches, joint pain, shoulder discomfort, and headaches are common origins of pain. Chronic pain can result from nerve system involvement and injury pain.
Symptoms of pain are:
1) Persistent, mild to severe discomfort
2) Constantly experiencing a shooting, burning, and painful sensation
3) Stiffness, or Discomfort
Essentially, fatigue, insomnia, stress, and melancholy accompany pain. However, the use of painkillers and physical therapy to treat chronic pain is frequently ineffective.

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Ayurveda Role in Pain Management

Effective pain management is made possible by Nesara Ayurveda's methodical relaxation techniques, massages, and pain relief procedures.
1) Janu Basti: The Janu means Knee joint and Basti – means to hold The term "Janu Vasti" refers to a therapy in which medicinal oils are poured and allowed to pool for a set period of time in a compartment or cabin that has been built around the knee joint or joints using wet black gram flour. To put it simply, Janu Vasti is an oil-pooling treatment used to treat knee pain caused by a variety of factors.
2) Kati Basti: Kati means low back, and Basti means to keep anything inside, in this case mostly medicinal oil. Lower back pain and abnormalities of the lumbosacral region, such as slip discs, lumbar spondylosis, sciatica, spinal issues, etc., are treated traditionally by the Ayurvedic practise of kati basti.
3) Greeva Basti: People are spending more time at their desks, glued to them, without moving around much. As a result, problems with the spine, muscles, and skeletal tissues of the neck and shoulder develop in these individuals. Greeva Basti does a good job of resolving these issues. Greeva means “neck,” and basti means to keep anything inside, usually a medicinal oil. It is essentially a hot oil therapy and an Ayurvedic neck care. Greeva Basti applies therapeutic oil or freshly made herbal decoction on the neck area.

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Janu Basti - 3 sessions

Ayurvedic treatment for back pain

Price: ₹5850  ₹5400

Kati Basti - 3 sessions

Nesara Ayurveda

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Greeva Basti - 3 sessions

Ayurvedic treatment for back pain

Price: ₹5200  ₹4800