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Udgharshana is the practise of applying powdered medication to the body without combining it with oil or other liquids. It is a friction technique that requires ununctious materials.

This treatment is frequently employed in beauty therapy. The udgharshana kriya is what is used to scrub the face and skin. For this method, powders of wood, brick, rice, wheat husk, jambu seed, and methi, among others, may be employed. In seven positions, the body has to be covered with these powders. The pratiloma direction should be followed.

Body rubbing with brick powder increases skin heat, eliminates itchiness and rashes, etc.


Utsadana is the term used to describe the strengthened friction of the body with medications comprising sneha or medicine mixed with oil or other liquids in the form of kalka.

Utsadana is a type of abhyanga in which the massage strokes are administered in the direction of the pratiloma. The only difference between the entire process and udgharshana is that during the massage, unconventional materials are used.

It provides females a better complexion, a pleasant appearance, clarity, and beauty, which are its advantages.


Benefits of Abhyanga:

1.Jarahara: It slows down and reverses the ageing process. The Dhatu are fed by the Abhyanga, which also makes them stronger.

2. Sramahara: It aids in overcoming exhaustion brought on by strenuous work.

3. Vatahara: It treats and prevents problems brought on by vata-related illnesses. Abhyanga: aids in regulating and promoting Vata’s healthy operation.

4. Drishti Prasad Kara: It enhances vision. Abhyanga can prevent and treat diseases like Timira that affect the eyes as well as other ailments brought on by aging.

5. Pushtikara: It aids in providing the body with nutrition. It feeds each of the body’s Dhatus.

6. Ayushyakara: Because the critical organs’ and tissues’ functioning are improved, it encourages longevity.

7. Svapnakara: It aids in a person’s ability to sleep. The Abhyanga is particularly effective in treating mental illnesses like insomnia, etc.,

Benefits of Udvartana

1.Kapha shamana

2.Meda vilayana

3.Sthrikarnamanganam (stability of the body)

4.Talk prasadana

5.Lusture of skin

6.Vata prashamana


Benefits of Utsadana

1.Siramukha viviktata (cleansing of minute pores in the body)

2.Tvakgata agni dipti (enhancing the metabolic activity of the skin)

3.Laghava (lightness in the body)

4.Daurghandhahara (eradicates bad body odor)

5.Tandrahara (removes sleepiness)

6.Kandu prashamana (pacifies itching)


Consultation Fee : 750 Rs

Consultation Fee : 750 Rs